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Student Reviews & Feedback!

Name: Eric Cariou, CCB10w
Country of residence: United Kingdom
Nationality: French
Profession: Entrepreneur
Educational background: University Diploma of Technology - University of Toulouse; Bachelor of Science, Major in Physics - University of Lancashire; Master in Science, Major in Physics & Electronics - University of Surrey
Languages spoken: English, French
Hobbies: Running, Trekking, Traveling, Phyto-therapy, Macroeconomics, Badminton, All forms of artistic expression

Q. Is this your first time in China?
A. No, I went to Hong-Kong before but this was for business and only flew in and out of the city. Only saw my hotel there!

Q. Why did you decide to study Chinese Language/China Business ?
A. For many years I have been very interested in many aspects of Chinese culture but never took the time necessary to explore the million facets of this country. Earlier this year, the opportunity arose to take an extended break and do something different from what I had been doing over the last few years. I then decided to join the World Link program, spending three months learning the language, discovering the country and exploring new business opportunities.

Q. How are you finding your studies in China?
A. Have thoroughly enjoyed both the language and business classes. All the teachers I have had, have really been top class. I have also taken some electives which introduced me to other aspects of this culture. I particularly enjoyed the Singing elective which was great fun and the Hanzi elective which is ideal for those, like me, have never written Chinese before. Also took some additional classes to have an introduction to Wushu which was great fun.

The language course has allowed me to get a grip on the basics of written and spoken Chinese. Learning the vocab and the characters is really hard work and has definitely stretched my memory which hasn't been used much since I left University a few years back! We covered study material that would probably have taken me a year to cover in the UK. I am indeed very pleased as my first objective of getting a grip on the basics of the language has now been achieved.

The learning of the language has undoubtedly allowed me to get a much better understanding of this fascinating country and its culture. Learning the language has also given me the opportunity to develop some friendships with Chinese students and even local artists!

Q. How do you like Beijing?
A. It is THE place where things are happening. New constructions and buildings popping up everywhere, lots of places to visit and things to do. You can feel the energy all around you and that's definitely very stimulating and exciting. People are also very welcoming and patient. Food is miles better than any Chinese take-away you might be used too and extremely varied. I really love this city and could have done with a few more months or even years here!

Q. What do you find most interesting in Beijing?
A. Beijing has got a lot of open-air markets. These are fascinating places, buzzing with people, bits and bobs hanging all over the place and a good place to develop your haggling talent further. There are also some great parks and temples, lots of good art galleries, and so many exciting things to do in town.

Q. Any memorable experiences in Beijing/China?
A. Rolling down some sand dunes and horse racing in Inner Mongolia… Boat racing on the Summer Palace lake in Beijing…Walking and picnicking along the great Wall in the middle of nowhere.... Meeting up and becoming friends with some exciting up and coming local Chinese artists… Practicing Chinese and English singing at a local Karaoke Bar !…Roller blading…Kart racing…and so much more.

Q. How has your experience in China changed you, if it has?
A. After being so focused and absorbed in my work over the last 4-5 years, it has been great to have a real break, have an opportunity to stand back and do such a range of different things in such a short period of time. Such a change of environment and of the things I might do in a day has really helped me to reflect on myself and on the kind of project I am now looking for. I also met many amazing people at World Link and outside with whom I have shared unforgettable experiences. I have learned a lot from them and, no doubt, they have contributed to the change in me.

Q. What is the thing you like best about Beijing/China?
A. Nothing is static and everything around you changes so rapidly…an ambitious and optimistic country…working hard at making this country a better place to live in.

Q. Will you come to China/Beijing again?
A. Definitely yes. I already have a meeting organized for 2008 in Beijing for the Olympics to celebrate our WLE 6th Anniversary with some other students! Will hopefully be able to come back next year too.

Q. What advice would you give to others who plan to come and study in China?
A. Do not buy a brand new bike (even if it only costs around 30 Euros or Dollars) when you arrive in Beijing but rather a second hand one. I had two stolen in just a few weeks! This seems to be a real problem. Also you might want to get a bit of practice at handling chopsticks before you come as it might save you a few finger cramps.

Do not bring much with you as you can buy everything here at a fraction of the price you would pay in Europe or the States. Instead, plan a lot of spare space/bags where you can put presents and the million of other things you have bought, when you return. But more importantly, prepare yourself for a great experience. Enjoy!

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