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Free Guided Tours
Free Guided Tours

Free Afterclass Tuition
Free Afterclass Tuition

Free Social Activities
Free Social Activities

Free Afternoon Electives
Free Afternoon Electives

Study Chinese Language

About Us

Welcome to WorldLink Education’s China Programs!
WorldLink Education (WLE) provides high quality China Study Abroad programs and China Study Tours to students, colleges, universities, corporations, and government organizations around the world.

WorldLink Education is the leading China programs provider with more than 16,000 past participants including individual students, corporate and government organizations, university study tours, high school study tours, senior group tours and tailored group tours.
The WorldLink Education programs have been granted course credit transfer approved by a number of US academic institutions including Harvard, Stanford and Yale University.

The US Military Academy (West Point) selected WorldLink Education this year as the institute of choice for the USMA China Study Tour and The Today Show on NBC featured WorldLink Education as the premier language academy with Al Roker learning Chinese at the Academy of Chinese Language Studies (ACLS)

Welcome to learning more about WorldLink Education's China

China Study Abroad programs
Chinese Language immersion program
China Business
Chinese Martial Arts
Teach English in China

Programs are open to participants from the USA and worldwide. Choose from over 30 different programs starting every month with durations from 4 weeks to one academic year.

Academy of Chinese language Studies (ACLS)
Intensive Chinese Language Courses
Chinese Language Immersion program
Junior & Teenager Summer Camps

The Academy of Chinese Language Studies has been operating successfully over the past 10 years as a Mandarin language training institution having taught more than 10,000 students. Voted as the Top Chinese Language Academy in China by the China’s National Chinese Language Teaching Association. ACLS is the leading school in China for teaching Chinese to international students studying abroad, working professionals and executives working in China. ACLS has 3 campuses in Beijing and 1 in Shanghai.

China Educational Study Tours
Universities & Colleges
High Schools
Corporate & Government
Seniors (45 years or older)

Corporate and Executive Programs
Corporate and Executive Programs

WorldLink Education is the language training organization selected by Fortune 500 companies to train its employees and executives in China such as Microsoft, Google, Allens Arthur Robinson, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
A curriculum based on the corporation's specified needs and language goals are designed to provide effective corporate training.

Study Chinese Language Courses Study China Business Courses

Chinese Language
Learn and master Chinese in our exciting and comprehensive Language immersion program. Choose from a minimum of four weeks through to one year course. Total beginner to advanced levels.

China Business
Combined Language and Business Studies. Taught in English, this unique program consists of lectures, business seminars and joint venture study trips.

Study Martial Arts and Chinese Language  

Martial Arts and
Chinese Language

WLE's Martial Arts and Chinese Language programs offer training wushu, qigong, taiji quan combined with Chinese language studies. Train in a variety of martial arts under the instruction of teachers who were Chinese National Champions.

Chinese Language and Internship Program (CLI)
WLE's unique CLI Program combines Chinese language studies with practical work experience in a Beijing company. This program is ideal for students or professionals interested in improving their Chinese language skills and gaining work experience in China.

Educational Tours
Combine guided tours of China with a range of modern education
opportunities specifically tailored to meet the needs of corporate,
government and special interest groups visiting China. Choose from
Specialist Seminars, Onsite visits, Social functions and more.

Chinese Universities
(Direct Entry)

World Link Education Direct Entry Programs offers a selection of program lengths from 4 week to 1 year.

Combined Cities Program
This program is ideal for those who wish to learn and master the language while traveling and experiencing the different lifestyle and customs in various regions of China.

Teach in China
WLE’s Teach in China Program is one of the most comprehensive teach abroad programs. This unique program gives you the opportunity to teach in one of the most exciting countries in the world and experience its culture, people and way of life.

TOTAL PROGRAM FEES cover tuition, accommodation, visa support documents, books, placement test, certificate, orientation, emergency travel and medical insurance, and much more.

Some of the ADDED FEATURES in the program provided at no extra cost include:

  • After-Class tuition or training provided by experienced and qualified Language or Martial Arts Supervisors
  • Language or Martial Arts exchange with native Chinese speakers or wushu partner program
  • Electives in Hanzi, Calligraphy, Painting, Taiji, and singing Chinese songs
  • Guided excursions to famous attractions including the Great Wall, Tian'anmen Square, Sumer Palace, Forbidden City and other sites
  • Activities with native Chinese speakers
  • Social and cultural activities including mahjong nights, Peking Duck feast, Chinese cooking, Chinese welcome lunch, WLEs monthly social evening
  • WLE's Beijing office and multi-lingual staff offer onsite assistance and information during your studies
  • WLE's experienced multilingual Programs Advisors from the US, Australia, UK, China, Germany, Sweden, Philippines, Korea and Japan provide pre-arrival and continuous assistance and information
  • Student Center equipped with resource library, computers and Internet access

Combine your Chinese Language study with travel to China's most exciting cities and regions. World Link's partnership with China's leading travel agency (CITS) offer discounted Travel weekend tours during the program, click here

For insight into what our current students are up to and read about their experiences and studies in China, see the WLE Newsletter, click here

Immerse in the language, culture, and way of life in contemporary China. Be part of this rewarding, enjoyable, and unforgettable educational experience of a lifetime!

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